Angel type (W)

Our Angel type perfume oil smells exactly like the original from Thierry Mugler! It has been our best selling oil for over 20 years. Angel comes in 2 different size roll-on bottles, and several larger refill sizes.  

1/3 oz. roll-on bottles are $12.99 each or 3/$36.99.

1 oz. roll-on bottles are $18.99 each or 3/$54.99.

Our East Coast brand of Angel is fantastic for using in an aroma lamp, night light oil burner, or a diffuser. 

We also make Angel scented incense sticks and incense cones. Long burning and so relaxing.

While you're here, check out our Angel scented body lotion, body wash, liquid hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and even pet shampoo!