Sandalwood (U)

Our version of Sandalwood, unisex body oil is available in a 1/3 oz. roll-on bottle, and also a 1 oz. roll-on bottle. These oils are alcohol free so they last longer on your skin than colognes & perfumes! We also carry Sandalwood fragrance oil, in 1/2 oz. size.

1/2 oz. fragrance oils are $9.99 each, or 3 for $27.99.

1/3 oz. roll-on bottles are $12.99 each, or 3 for $36.99.

1 oz. roll-on bottles are $18.99 each, or 3 for $54.99. 

The more you buy, the more you save!

Check out our hand poured Sandalwood incense sticks & incense cones! They are hand poured with our Sandalwood fragrance oil and they smell wonderful!

While you're here, check out our Sandalwood, unisex scented body lotion, body wash, liquid hand soap, shampoo, conditioner and even pet shampoo!